With Ebank’s free e-statement service, your bank account and credit card statements are sent instantly and securely to your email address. It’s less paper clutter and more convenient.

Log in to Ebank Online Banking today to update your email address or visit your nearest branch.

Who is it for?

All Ebank Customers.

What do i get?

Free monthly account or credit card statement received on your registered email.

How does it work?

You can request your e-statement by:

1-      Requesting through internet banking

a)       Log in to Ebank Online Banking

b)      Go to the (apply for) tab on the left hand side

c)      In product request select (change account statement instructions)

d)      Under delivery channel select (E-mail only)

e)      Fill the rest of the information and click on proceed

f)       You will need OTP to proceed

2-     Visiting the nearest branch

3-     Requesting through Call Center 16710 (for customers with registered emails in our bank)


1.      What is an e-statement?

An e-statement is an electronic version of your periodic account and credit card statement, which is accessible via your email. It contains the same information as your paper statement with all the transactions you conducted through your account or credit card.

2.      How do I request an e-statement?

You can request your e-statement by:

a-      Requesting through internet banking

b-     Visiting the nearest branch to sign a form

c-      Requesting through call center  

3.      How do I Unsubscribe e-statement?

In order to unsubscribe from the service, please make sure you visit the nearest Ebank branch.

4.      Is there any cost associated with receiving e-statements?

No, EBANK’s e-statements are completely free of charge.