In reference to the rapid and continuous evolution in financial and banking sectors, as well as the Egyptian Government’s and Central Bank of Egypt’s directives to promote digital transformation and cashless society depending on robust digital solutions, in addition to the Financial Inclusion Initiative, EBank established Cash Management department in 2019 as a first phase, and further expanded by establishing the Transaction Banking Sector mid of 2021 supported by a state-of-art Corporate Internet Banking platform.
Transaction banking sector comprises two departments, Cash Management and Marginal Trading:

1. Cash Management Department:

The department is responsible for offering products and services to facilitate businesses’ daily operations by streamlining transactions processing cycle and re-design receivables and payables processes, manage working capital and investment efficiency via advanced E-channel and information services mechanisms, in addition to leading automation and digital transformation of corporate Clients.

2. Marginal Trading Department:

The department’s main objective is to create new revenue stream and meet clients’ expectations by offering new products/services.
Marginal Trading Service falls under the umbrella of assets related products aiming to increase investor’s purchasing power by leveraging into larger positions than their cash positions would allow. This takes place by entering into a short-term facility/loan agreements with the bank, guaranteed by a portfolio of pre-determined stocks and/or government bonds.

Sector advantages:

– Develop new and diversified digital and electronic products and services for Corporate Clients.
– Uniquely positioning EBank as a Market Leader.
– Create new revenue/income streams.
– Reduce funding costs
– Embedding a benchmark customer service through differentiated service propositions.
– Introduce automation concept to lower operating costs and increase efficiency.