Year 2016/2017

Stemming from our role to support Egyptian community under the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs, especially supporting education and healthcare, the bank offered a donation to Misr El Kheir Foundation to establish and develop five public schools in small villages of Essna, Luxor Governorate in Upper Egypt. This donation aligns with our willingness to help upgrade education in Upper Egypt, where there aren’t enough schools to accommodate young children.
As for healthcare sector, the Bank signed many protocols to address some of the most urgent needs of the sector, in collaboration with different NGOs and community development foundations, including Ahl Masr Foundation to finance the treatment and surgical operations of 15 severe burning victims mostly children. The bank also offered donations to finance 50 sessions of chemotherapy for needy breast cancer patients in Bahia Hospital with an objective to support early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Moreover, the Bank funded the treatment of 1000 hepatitis C patients in Luxor Center for Hepatitis C Treatment, in cooperation with the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI. Our donations also extended to support Kidney, Urology and Nephrology Center in Mansoura, a specialized medical center in providing free of charge healthcare services and treatment. As well as a donation to Heliopolis Friends Association for Social Services, which provides free of charge eye surgeries for needy children.

In line with CBE mission to help accelerate financial inclusion, the Bank participated in the Financial Inclusion Initiative, launched by the Central Bank of Egypt, to introduce its services and products to new categories in the Egyptian community. Under this initiative, the bank demonstrated its service portfolio in universities, youth centers and clubs as well as some small communities.
Moreover, and in order to raise awareness of financial literacy among to children and youth, the bank participated in the Global Money Week organized by the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Youth, and some international schools, where branches visits, workshops and lectures were conducted to different universities and schools’ students. the bank also sponsored the Egyptian Banking Simulation Model organized by the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University.
As part of our role towards the community development and corporate social responsibility, and in order to contribute in addressing the unemployment issue, the Bank participated in some job fairs, such as the annual employment fair organized by the German University in Cairo, as well as the American University in Cairo.
On the business community support level, the Bank continued to participate in different activities organized by the chambers of industries and commerce as well as the businessmen associations, this is through attending or sponsoring exhibitions, forums, seminars, conferences and roundtables, locally and internationally. The Bank regularly provides financial support to these chambers and organizations through memberships and participation in different events they organize, in order to remain an active member in these communities. This year, the Bank was keen to know more about all new implications in the fields of international trade and global economy.
In order to develop and reinforce business relations with businessmen and exporters, the Bank continuously coordinates with the Ministry of Trade and Industry as well as other specialized centers. The Bank always gives priority to introduce itself to local and international business communities, to open new markets for Egyptian products and to facilitate commercial trade through the Business to Business (B2B) events organized by these associations, such as The American Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Union of Arab Banks, El Wafaa’ Association, Federation of Egyptian Banks, Egyptian Banking Institute, Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, Egyptian Capital Market Authority, The Egyptian Exchange, Misr for Central Clearing, Depositary and Registry, Egyptian Businessmen Association, Arab Union for Industrial Exports Development, Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization, I-Score, Lawyers Syndicate, the Egyptian International Company for the Production of Aluminum Sectors (EIPAL), and the Arab Investors Union.
In Line with our strategy to introduce the Egyptian export community, mostly manufacturers from different sectors, to key export service providers in Egypt, the Bank was keen to participate, for the second year, in the international event “Fruit Logisitica”, which was held in Berlin, Germany under the auspices of the Agricultural Export Council, in order to develop and expand the Egyptian export especially in food and agriculture sector. The objective was to help Egyptian exporters expand sales by providing them with an opportunity to meet key export service providers in Egypt, in a “B2B” event, through networking, data-collection and raising awareness about key resources to expand export sales.
In addition, the Bank participated to Kenya Trade Mission, which tackled the obstacles, problems that faces the Egyptian Exports, as well as Egypt Export Expo – Kenya, where the Bank seized this opportunity to present its different services and financial products.

In line with EBank’s strategy targeting to double Egyptian exports to Africa, the Bank participated in the 24th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of AFREXIM Bank as a shareholder representative.
Where participation was very effective through taking part in one of the main panels on “Boosting Intra African Trade through access to Capital and Technology” and presenting the Egyptian case study of recent reforms and the creation of a healthier investment environment, which encourages FDI and Exports. This was during a roundtable discussion to discuss the future of the Intra-African trade whereby; EBank suggested the need to establish a pan African e-commerce platform that would offer all the trade opportunities cross-continent. At the same time, the platform should be linked to a clearing system to allow the settlement of such trades and apply Block Chain technology to ensure the electronic exchange of trade documentation end to end securely. This will reduce the risk of any fraud and non-payment between the trade parties.
Additionally, as part of its corporate social responsibility, the Bank believes in participating to the development of the Egyptian economy, especially in this critical period that the country faces, where the organizations altogether should give a hand to help. That is why the Bank contributed to “The first round of the Belt & Road Industrial and Commercial Conference” – “Egypt… Your Gateway to BRICA”, which was co-organized by Egyptian Businessmen’s Association (EBA) and China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE), this was to project Egypt as an economic powerhouse and present the business prospects and investment opportunities, as well as, to provide international forum for policy / decision makers to present the business prospects & investment opportunities in the BRICA countries. Considering this a way to get the local economy from its crises in order to achieve the desired growth.